Find answers to frequently asked questions here, and contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

Where are you located? 

I'm currently available in and around Philadelphia! In the near future, I'll be available to travel to your destination.

How do I collaborate with you? 


The first step is to complete the contact form on the contact page! 


Once I receive your initial inquiry, I will request photos and videos of your space to better understand the scope of your project. Remember that I work on projects ranging from a single 5-hour decluttering session with one client to a 7-day project for a family of six, so any insight into your project and space is a good starting point for me! Following that, I will schedule a consultation call to gather additional information and to go over the specifics of my customized approach to your unique project. 

What services do you offer? 


Feng Shui offers a wide range of services. Visit our Services Page to learn more about what we have to offer!

Do you travel for projects? 


Yes! If I'm not based in your city, I'd be happy to come to you! (At a price, for a fee.)

What should I anticipate from the phone consultation? 


During our initial consultation, we will focus solely on YOU and your requirements! I want to learn as much as I can about you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your space so that we can start brainstorming! We'll go over services, rates, and any other information you'll need to know before making a reservation.

Why is there a 5-hour minimum? 


There is no full transformation that takes less than 5 hours in my professional experience. I try to avoid booking shorter sessions because I want to make the biggest impact on your life as possible, and that won't happen in 3 hours (unless I've previously set up organizational systems for you and am coming for a quick tune up.)

When and how will I be able to pay for the services and products? 


To reserve your dates on my calendar, a 50% deposit is required. 


Your final bill will include the remaining 50% balance of services, final product costs (after returns), and any additional services I provided. 


All major credit cards, as well as Cashapp and Paypal, are accepted.

What is your process? 


Check out my Process! I go over every detail, leaving nothing out.

What if I can't afford Feng Shui? 


I do offer various levels of service! If you are unable to hire me for full-service organization, I can still assist you in decluttering. I provide virtual organization sessions where you can benefit from my expertise at a fraction of the cost. I also give away a lot of free advice on Instagram and Facebook!

What if I'm too busy to meet and handle the details? 


Not a problem! I take care of everything for you. The only time I require your presence is during the correction and classification phases. I can take it from there once I know what you intend to keep.

How do I keep my organization going after you've left? 


My goal is to always create a functional and easy-to-maintain space for you and your family. Once your space is finished, I will walk you through it and show you the systems I designed as well as the best ways to maintain them. 


I also provide customized maintenance packages (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) to keep your spaces looking beautiful all year.

Will I be on your website, social media platforms, and so on? 


I enjoy posting my work on social media! By hiring the Feng Shui Fairy, you agree to let me use photos of your space in my portfolio, on my social media platforms, on my website, and through other Feng Shui Fairy marketing channels. I make a point of blurring out any names, family photos, or other identifying information in the space. Don't worry, you'll be given a release form. Unless you specifically request it, no personal information will be shared. 


If you do not want your photos to be posted, I completely understand; simply let me know before, during, or after the session, and there will be no problem!

Do you have services directed towards hoarders/hoarding?

I do not accept hoarders/hoarding projects. If you book me for a project that you intend to use for hoarding, your booking will be declined.