A Southern California native has made her way to the East Coast and is ready to make an impact on Philadelphia with her Feng Shui Fairy. Known as Keekee but born Kitiana Monae Adams, was born on September 23rd, 1995 in a small town Indio, CA. Raised in a city where nothing ever happens, her mother relocated to the Los Angeles area for a better life. It was there where little Keekee discovered her passion for modeling. She found her way around and began to connect with different photographers to build her portfolio and before she knew it, she had a wide spread of work in her portfolio. While she was attending Los Angeles Valley College working on her Associates of Arts, she was working full-time for a candy store called Sweet! Hollywood, trying to keep a steady flow of income. All of her modeling related work was TFP and unfortunately wasn't bringing in the big bucks but this was her dream. She'd use most of her funds to buy a wardrobe for her shoots and props needed for the concepts she developed. When she graduated with her A.A, Kitiana transferred into Howard University and relocated to Washington, D.C. It was when she made her way to the East Coast that HER was born. Her boyfriend, Ron Green, came up with the idea for her own merch line to help promote her as a freelance model. She didn't intend for it to turn into a brand focused around female empowerment. What helped to shift her focus was the fact that she felt there were a large number of women out in the world who didn't recognize their power and how much of an impact their touch had on life. Kitiana felt that if she could easily take a blank piece of clothing and add something simple yet unique to it and make it appealing, what couldn't she do? But things took a turn once she jumped on Tribe Worldwide's team. She found herself as an Operations Manager for the company, something she never imagined. From working on their social media to rearranging and organizing their headquarters. It was then she realized what she found her true niche...clearing spaces and bringing them to life again! A hobby of hers that she didnt consider a hobby, something she just did naturally. For years, she was complimented on her beautiful organization skills but didn't think twice about turning them into a business. Until now! She wants to give you the sparkle she's been giving her own space.  She's here to remind women that they're extraordinary beings who can give life to anything because that's what extraordinary women do!